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[def]n. 象徵,徽章[/def] [en]The dove is an emblem of peace.[/en] [cn]鸽子是和平的象征。[/cn]
[def]n.不安全;不牢靠;局促不安;无把握;[/def] [en]How can you overcome psychological insecurity?[/en] [cn]你如何才能克服心理紧张?[/cn] [en]It seems to be rooted in confidence rather than insecurity.[/en] [cn]它来源于信心而不是出于不稳定感。[/cn] [en]He was tormented by feelings of insecurity.[/en] [cn]他苦于没有安全感。[/cn]
[def]n.敏捷;活泼;欣然;乐意;[/def] [en]He carved, and ate, and praised with delighted alacrity.[/en] [cn]他边切边吃,又兴致勃勃地赞不绝口。[/cn] [en]She sprang to the door with alacrity.[/en] [cn]她敏捷地跳到门口。[/cn]
[def]n. 短暂,简短[/def] [en]He is famous for the brevity of his speeches.[/en] [cn]他以言词简洁著称。[/cn]
[def]a. 适当; n. 礼节,适当[/def] [en]The way these tourists dress offends local standards of propriety.[/en] [cn]这些游客的穿着在当地人的眼中简直不成体统。[/cn]
[def]n. 生产率,生产能力[/def] [en]The workers are trying their best to increase productivity.[/en] [cn]工人们正竭尽全力提高生产力。[/cn]
[def]vt.分配,分给;实施,施行;免除,豁免;配(药);[/def] [def]vi.特许,豁免;[/def] [en]She cannot dispense with a servant.[/en] [cn]她不能没有佣人。[/cn] [en]The doctor dispensed a prescription to his patient.[/en] [cn]医生开处方给病人配药。[/cn]
[def]v. 使复活,使重新充满活力; vt. 使复兴,使苏醒,使复活,使恢复[/def] [en]I think we have to revitalize our society.[/en] [cn]我觉得我们的社会需要新生。[/cn]
[def]n. 歌谣; 民歌, 歌谣, 叙事歌, 流行歌曲, 情歌[/def] [en]The old man sang us a ballad.[/en] [cn]老人给我们唱了一首歌谣。[/cn]
[def]a. 不新奇的,常见的,陈腐的[/def] [en]An utterance of conventional notions or beliefs; a hackneyed expression.[/en] [cn]客套话常用信条的陈述或信仰的自白;陈腐的语句[/cn]
[def]n. 芭蕾舞[/def] [en]She invited us to see the ballet.[/en] [cn]她邀请我们去看芭蕾舞。[/cn]
[def]v. 授与...知识,启发,启蒙[/def] [en]Can you enlighten me on this subject?[/en] [cn]关于这个问题,你能指点我一下吗?[/cn]
[def]a. 幻影的,幻想的,梦想的; n. 空想家,梦想者[/def] [en]What he thought is visionary.[/en] [cn]他所想的是不切实际的。[/cn]
[def]n. 先驱,预兆[/def] [en]The crowing of the cock is a harbinger of dawn.[/en] [cn]鸡啼报晓。[/cn]
[def]v. 纪念,庆祝; vt.&n. 纪念[/def] [en]Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ.[/en] [cn]圣诞节是为了纪念耶酥的诞生。[/cn]
[def]adj.不定的,不明确的;模糊的;[/def] [en]Our holiday plans are still at an indeterminate stage.[/en] [cn]我们的假日计划还没有确定。[/cn] [en]I give indeterminate money to poor men.[/en] [cn]我不定量给穷人一些钱。[/cn] [en]This is a sort of indeterminate color.[/en] [cn]这是一种说不清的颜色。[/cn]
[def]n. 属下,附属物; a. 下级的,次要的,附属的; v. 使...居下位,使...服从[/def] [en]He subordinated his wishes to the general good of the group.[/en] [cn]他使自己的愿望服从于集体的利益。[/cn]
[def]adj.(尤指老人)精神矍铄的,老当益壮的;[/def] [def]vt.迫使;猛拉;[/def] [def]vi.不断流出;[/def] [en]Having white hair and ruddy complexion, my grandfather is hale and hearty.[/en] [cn]我爷爷是位鹤发童颜的矍铄老人。[/cn] [en]Grandfather will be 80 years old, but he is hale and hearty.[/en] [cn]祖父就要80高龄了,但仍精神矍铄。[/cn] [en]It took me half an hour to hale the heavy box down the stairs.[/en] [cn]我费了半个小时的工夫才把那只重箱子拖到楼下。[/cn]
[def]n. 插曲,插话,(作品的一段)情节,有趣的事件[/def] [en]That's an episode in my life I'd rather forget![/en] [cn]那是我一生中宁愿忘记的经历![/cn]
[def]v. 厌恶,憎恶[/def] [en]You know how I loathe typing and shorthand.[/en] [cn]你知道我多么讨厌打字和速记。[/cn]
[def]a. 有名的,有声誉的[/def] [en]The French are renowned for their cooking.[/en] [cn]法国人擅长烹饪.[/cn]
[def]v. 屈从,死[/def] [en]Several children have measles, and the others are bound to succumb (to it).[/en] [cn]有几个孩子患了麻疹, 其他孩子也必然传染上.[/cn]
[def]a. 享乐的[/def]
[def]a. 严厉的,严酷的,严格的[/def] [en]Now her teachers corps, called Teach for American is off and running. After a rigorous competition,500 recent college graduates won places out of a field of2, 500 applicants, proving Ms.Kopp's theory that making the corps selective would enhance its appeal to college students.[/en] [cn]现在她的教师工作团——名为教师报国团——已迅速展开工作。经过一番激烈竞争之后,2500名申请人中,500名刚从大学毕业的被录取。证明了柯普女士的理论:工作团从严录取将可在大学生中增加号召力。[/cn]
[def]a. 有礼貌的,高雅的,端正的[/def] [en]Precise or proper to the point of affectation; excessively decorous.[/en] [cn]一本正经的过于准确或合适以致于造作的;过分端庄的[/cn]
[def]a. 胆怯的,胆小的,羞怯的[/def] [en]She is as timorous as a rabbit.[/en] [cn]她胆小得像只兔子。[/cn]
[def]a. 唐吉诃德式的, 狂想家的[/def]
[def]adj.时代错误的;[/def] [en]English public schools are anachronistic.[/en] [cn]英国的公立学校已经落伍过时了。[/cn]
[def]adj.灾难的;惨重的,悲惨结局的;[/def] [en]The failure of the talks could have catastrophic consequences.[/en] [cn]会谈的失败可能会导致灾难性的后果。[/cn] [en]On this issue, the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic.[/en] [cn]在这个问题上,不采取行动将会带来灾难性的后果。[/cn]
[def]n. 乡下人,村夫,农民; a. 乡村的,纯朴的,手工粗糙的[/def] [en]His rage was soon calmed down by the rustic peace.[/en] [cn]乡村的宁静很快就使他的怒气平静下来。[/cn]
[def]a. 机智的,老练的[/def] [en]She gets them to accept these changes by tactful management.[/en] [cn]她用机智的手段使他们接受了这些改变。[/cn]
[def]a. 混乱的[/def] [en]With no one to keep order the situation in the classroom was chaotic.[/en] [cn]因无人维持秩序, 教室里一片混乱.[/cn]
[def]a. 外来的,无关的[/def] [en]Extraneous material added to written work, such as a speech, to make it longer.[/en] [cn]冗词赘句加在书面作品上的一些额外的材料,如一篇讲话,为使之更长一些[/cn]
[def]v. 诊断; vi. 判断,诊断(疾病); vt. 诊断(疾病)[/def] [en]The doctor diagnosed measles.[/en] [cn]医生诊断出麻疹.[/cn]
[def]n. 赞美诗,圣歌; v. 唱赞美歌[/def] [en]I can hear the hymn from the nearby church.[/en] [cn]我能听到从附近的教堂传来的圣歌。[/cn]
[def]n. 精密技巧,灵巧,策略; v. 用计谋处理,偷牌[/def] [en]Paul handled the meeting with great finesse.[/en] [cn]保罗极其巧妙地掌握着会议。[/cn]
[def]a. 用字多的,冗长,冗赘的[/def]
[def]a. 有功绩的,有价值的,可称赞的[/def] [en]He wrote a meritorious theme about his visit to the cotton mill.[/en] [cn]他写了一篇关于参观棉纺织厂的有价值的论文。[/cn]
[def]n. 轻蔑; v. 蔑视[/def] [en]He disdained that man for snobbishness and was unwilling to talk to him.[/en] [cn]他鄙视那个势利小人,不愿和他说话。[/cn]
[def]a. 不平顺的,不均匀的,奇数的[/def] [en]My hair has been badly cut and the ends are uneven.[/en] [cn]我的头发剪得很糟,发端参差不齐。[/cn]
[def]a. 愚昧的, 昏庸的, 发呆的, 愚笨的, 自满的[/def]
[def]n.窘迫;难堪;令人难堪或耻辱的事;[/def] [en]Coughing at a concert can be a real embarrassment.[/en] [cn]在音乐会上咳嗽真会使人难堪。[/cn] [en]His ignorant behaviour at the dinner table caused much embarrassment.[/en] [cn]他在餐桌上举止粗鲁,在座的人颇为难堪。[/cn] [en]Embarrassment caused the speaker to hesitate .[/en] [cn]困窘使演讲人话语吞吐。[/cn]
[def]a. 沸腾的,热情洋溢的[/def]
[def]a. 轻率的,没礼貌的,嘴碎的[/def]
[def]n.亲人丧亡,丧失亲人,丧亲之痛;[/def] [en]We all sympathize with you in your bereavement.[/en] [cn]我们对你丧亲之痛表示同情。[/cn]
[def]a. 锐利的,尖刻的,苛刻的[/def] [en]British essayist noted for his trenchant literary criticism. His works include The Characters of Shakespeare's Plays(1817).[/en] [cn]哈兹利特,威廉1778-1830因犀利的文学批评而闻名的英国散文家,他的作品包括莎士比亚戏剧中的人物(1817年)[/cn]
[def]n.土地分配;分摊,分派;[/def] [en]The apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives is based on the relative populaton of each state.[/en] [cn]众议院的座位分配是以每个州的相对人数为基础。[/cn]
[def]n. 工具,器具; vt. 实现,执行,使...生效[/def] [en]What implements are needed for gardening?[/en] [cn]园艺需要些什么工具?[/cn]
[def]n. 怨恨,愤恨[/def] [en]He has a deep-seated resentment at the way he has been treated.[/en] [cn]他因受到如此对待而深怀怨恨。[/cn]
[def]a. 警醒的,警戒著的,警惕的[/def] [en]The police said that the public should be vigilant.[/en] [cn]警方说公众应保持警惕。[/cn]
[def]n.<正>欢乐,嬉戏,欢笑;[/def] [en]We celebrated the New Year with merriment.[/en] [cn]我们欢天喜地地庆祝新年。[/cn] [en]He saw the joke quickly and joined in the general merriment.[/en] [cn]他很快就领悟到了其中的幽默,于是和大家一起欢笑起来。[/cn]
[def]n. 委托,实行,承诺,保证(律)拘禁令; n. 奉献,献身[/def] [en]His political commitment is only skin-deep.[/en] [cn]他政治上的承诺只是表面文章。[/cn]
[def]n.诉状,起诉书;<尤美>刑事起诉书;控告,起诉;[/def] [en]The clerk was gabbling over the indictment.[/en] [cn]书记官在喃喃诵读起诉状。[/cn] [en]They quashed the indictment against the manager.[/en] [cn]他们撤销了对经理的起诉。[/cn] [en]Don't view it as an indictment of you as a person.[/en] [cn]不要把它看成是对你本人的一次起诉。[/cn]
[def]n. 炫学者,自夸学者的人,空谈家[/def]
[def]a. 不关心的,冷淡的,平静的[/def] [en]Carefree and nonchalant; jaunty.[/en] [cn]无忧无虑的无忧无虑的和不关心的;快活的[/cn]
[def]n. 权宜之计,临时手段; a. 权宜的,方便的,有用的[/def] [en]He thought it expedient not to tell his wife where he had been.[/en] [cn]他认为不告诉妻子他去过哪里是适宜的。[/cn]
[def]n. 顾客,委托人; n. 客户[/def] [en]If a lawyer has plenty of clients, he grows rich.[/en] [cn]律师如果有大量的诉讼委托人,就会财源不断。[/cn]
[def]n.激励;刺激;煽动;激励物;[/def] [en]Interest is an incitement to study.[/en] [cn]兴趣刺激学习。[/cn] [en]What you said operated as an incitement on me.[/en] [cn]你的话对我起了激励作用。[/cn]
[def]n. 天意,天命,上帝[/def] [en]We admired his intellectual providence to acquire vast stores of dry information.[/en] [cn]我们钦佩他收集大量原始资料的远见卓识。[/cn]
[def]n.人类学家;[/def] [en]To my surprise, the anthropologist was accused of murder.[/en] [cn]令我大吃一惊的是,那位人类学家竟然被控谋杀。[/cn]
[def]a. 傲慢的[/def] [en]The nobles treated the common people with haughty contempt.[/en] [cn]王公贵族以不屑一顾的傲慢态度对待平民百姓。[/cn]
[def]n. 头骨[/def] [en]The farmer turned up a human skull while ploughing the field.[/en] [cn]那农民 地时挖出一个人类的头颅骨.[/cn]
[def]a. 写生的,写生风格的,概略的[/def] [en]Your essay gives a rather sketchy treatment of the problem.[/en] [cn]你的文章只粗略地涉及到这个问题.[/cn]
[def]n. 顺从[/def] [en]Marked by or exhibiting deference.[/en] [cn]恭敬的具有恭敬的特征的,表现出顺从的[/cn]
[def]n. 丰富,充裕[/def] [en]There was an abundance of corn last year.[/en] [cn]去年玉米丰收。[/cn]
[def]v. 否认,否定,抵赖[/def] [en]She disavows any part (ie says she was not involved) in the plot.[/en] [cn]她否认参与了这一密谋.[/cn]
[def]a. 流出的,感情奔放的[/def] [en]Her effusive thanks embarrassed everybody.[/en] [cn]她道谢时非常激动, 弄得大家不好意思.[/cn]
[def]a. 强迫人的,冒失的,莽撞的[/def] [en]I find the music in the bar very obtrusive.[/en] [cn]我觉得酒吧里的音乐太吵人了.[/cn]
[def]a. 压制性的,压迫的,沉重的[/def] [en]It's oppressive today.[/en] [cn]今天的天气令人难受。[/cn]
[def]a. 退行的,逆行的,劣性的[/def] [en]Brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive.[/en] [cn]棕色眼睛是显性的,蓝色眼睛是隐性的。[/cn]
[def]a. 退步的,退化的[/def] [en]A type of schizophrenia, usually starting at puberty, characterized by foolish mannerisms, senseless laughter, delusions, hallucinations, and regressive behavior.[/en] [cn]青春期痴呆一种精神分裂症,通常始发于青春期,其特征为举止痴呆、傻笑、妄想、幻觉以及退化的举止[/cn]
[def]adj.不确定的,非决定性的,无结果的;不能使人信服的;无效的;模棱两可;[/def] [en]I am concerned because these tests are inconclusive.[/en] [cn]因为这些试验是无说服力的,所以我担心。[/cn] [en]The past two elections were inconclusive.[/en] [cn]过去的两次选举结果都尚不明确。[/cn]
[def]adj.闯入的,打扰的;侵入的;[/def] [en]The most impressive form of intrusive is the dike.[/en] [cn]最引人注目的侵入体是岩脉。[/cn] [en]The people are warm and courteous but not intrusive.[/en] [cn]那里的人民热情有礼、绝不扰人。[/cn]
[def]a. 粘性的(有结合性的,有粘聚性的)[/def] [en]Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.[/en] [cn]混乱,无秩序无任何凝聚性准则,如共同标准或目标[/cn]
[def]a. 惴惴不安的,敏悟的,有知觉的[/def] [en]I am apprehensive about the results of the exams.[/en] [cn]我为考试成绩担忧。[/cn]
[def]n. 危险,冒险; v. 置...于险境,冒险[/def] [en]The ship was in imminent peril of being wrecked.[/en] [cn]那条船马上就有失事的危险。[/cn]
[def]a. 代理的,担任代理的,替身的[/def] [en]He get a vicarious thrill out of watch his son score the winning goal.[/en] [cn]他看著儿子射入一球获胜,也感到同样兴奋。[/cn]
[def]conj.&ad. 然而,却,反之[/def] [en]Whereas we want a flat, they would rather live in a house.[/en] [cn]我们想住公寓房,而他们却想住一所房子。[/cn]
[def]n. 夸大的言辞[/def] [en]His speech was full of bombast.[/en] [cn]他的讲演通篇是夸夸其谈.[/cn]
[def]a. 仪器的,器具的,可做为手段的[/def] [en]I was instrumental in catching the criminal.[/en] [cn]我曾经协助捉拿这罪犯。[/cn]
[def]adj.优秀人才的;杰出者的;[/def] [def]n.优秀人材;杰出人物;杰出人物统治论的鼓吹者;[/def] [en]She accused him of being elitist.[/en] [cn]她指责他自以为高人一等。[/cn] [en]Liu Yishun is an elitist in the folk religious world in the late Qing Dynasty.[/en] [cn]刘仪顺是晚清民间宗教世界中的一位杰出人物。[/cn]
[def]n. 滋味,香料; v. 加味于[/def] [en]I don't like the flavor of onion.[/en] [cn]我不喜欢洋葱的味道。[/cn]
[def]a. 感伤性的,感情脆弱的[/def] [en]She did it for sentimental reasons.[/en] [cn]她出于情感的缘故做了此事。[/cn]
[def]v. 收集,积聚[/def] [en]That which is gathered or amassed; a collection or an accumulation.[/en] [cn]收集物被收集或聚集的东西;一种收集物或获得物[/cn]
[def]a. 疏远的,被隔开的[/def] [en]The Prime Minister's policy alienated many of her followers.[/en] [cn]首相的政策使很多拥护她的人疏远了她.[/cn]
[def]a. 隐退的, 隐蔽的[/def] [en]Hidden from view; secluded.[/en] [cn]隐退的隐藏不让看见的;隐退的[/cn]
[def]a. 无数的; n. 极大数量[/def] [en]A myriad of thoughts passed through her mind.[/en] [cn]无数想法划过她的心头。[/cn]
[def]a. 陈旧的,过时的[/def] [en]Extremely old and antiquated.[/en] [cn]极其古老的,过时的[/cn]
[def]a. 激动不安的,焦虑的[/def] [en]He became quite agitated when he was asked about his criminal past.[/en] [cn]当问到他过去的犯罪历史时,他变得十分焦虑不安。[/cn]
[def]a. 有害的[/def] [en]Smoking is detrimental to health.[/en] [cn]吸烟封健康是有害的。[/cn]
[def]a. 性情的,喜怒无常的[/def] [en]Nigel is temperamental but he's very highly strung, you know.[/en] [cn]奈杰变化无常,但你知道他是很容易激动的。[/cn]
[def]a. 纪念碑的,做为纪念的,不朽的[/def] [en]I have a monumental brass medal.[/en] [cn]我有一枚有纪念意义的铜牌。[/cn]
[def]a. 乱哄哄的,喧哗的[/def] [en]Be quite! I am in a tumultuous passion.[/en] [cn]安静些!我有些心烦意乱。[/cn]
[def]a. 传染的[/def] [en]He expressed infectious enthusiasm to his voters.[/en] [cn]他对他的选民表现出很有感染力的热情。[/cn]
[def]a. 紧粘不放的,固执的,不屈不挠的[/def] [en]The eagle seized its prey in a tenacious grip.[/en] [cn]鹰将捕获物紧紧抓住.[/cn]
[def]v. 赞美,美化[/def] [en]The setting sun glorified the scene.[/en] [cn]落日使景色更美。[/cn]
[def]n. 徵税,召集,课徵; v. 征收,课税,召集[/def] [en]The nation levied all able-bodied man for the war.[/en] [cn]国家征召所有壮丁参战。[/cn]
[def]vt.解开…的皮带;放纵;解除…的束缚;发泄;[/def] [en]He unleashed a thunderbolt by announcinghis resignation.[/en] [cn]他宣布辞职好似晴天炸雷一般。[/cn] [en]He could unleash the mobs in the Arab world against us.[/en] [cn]他本来可以发动阿拉伯世界的下层群众反对我们。[/cn]
[def]vt.& vi.(使)窒息;(使)窒闷;扼杀;[/def] [def]vt.镇压;遏制;扼杀;藏匿;[/def] [def]n.后腿膝关节;后膝关节病;[/def] [en]The smoke filled the room and almost stifled the firemen.[/en] [cn]屋里浓烟弥漫呛得消防队员喘不过气来。[/cn] [en]She tried hard to stifle her laughter.[/en] [cn]她强忍住笑。[/cn]