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L1uWe1  写的日记: 【情景对话·商务外贸】 企业发展
记者: Mr.Dell, it`s really a great honor to have the opportunity to have an interview with you.Would you please give us a brief introduction of the development history of Asiana Airlines in Shanghai?

戴尔: Asiana Airlines, founded in 1986, is still a youthful and energetic group company.Currently, Asiana Airlines in Shanghai mainly operates Shanghai-Seoul route that was launched in Dec,1995, only three years after Sino-Korean diplomatic relationship was est

记者: How many branches have Asiana Airlines set up in China?And have you set down some special management strategy to the Chinese market?

戴尔: Up to now, Asiana Airlines has set up 16 branches and 19 routes in China,and is also the first foreign airline company to launch Hangzhou route in China.Asiana Airlines pays great attention to Chinese market all along and is the one that launched more rou
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让梦飞的更高  写的日记: 【情景对话·商务外贸】 独家代理
伍德: Mr.Dan, I think you`ve already received our letter which suggested our desire to be an agent for your products.

丹: Yes Mr.Wood.We received it a week ago.

伍德: What`s your opinion?

丹: To be frank, Mr.Wood, after reading your letter, I feel that it`s not a mature time for you to act as a sole agent for us.
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脚丫子天王  写的日记: 【情景对话·商务外贸】 公司合并计划
麦克: I`ve reviewed your proposal for the merger between our two firms. But I am still not very clear why we should join together.

露西: There is an obvious key reason for this merger program. That is to say, both our firms will benefit a lot from it and a win-win situation will occur.

麦克: What win-win situation can we achieve then?

露西: Both of us are now facing a fierce competition pressure in the global market, so our merger can enhance our competitiveness.
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菲岚  写的日记: 【情景对话·商务外贸】 特许经营权
艾达: The Administration of Commercial Franchise Procedures are promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce on December 30,2004 and effective as of February 1st,2005. Would you please explain the Procedures for us?

布朗先生: Sure.These Procedures are formulated in order to standardize commercial franchising, To safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the parties,and to promote the healthy And orderly development of commercial franchise, and they shall apply to the engage

艾达: What does the "commercial franchising"here refer to?

布朗先生: "Commercial franchising" refers to the arrangement whereby a franchisor, through the conclusion of a contract, authorizes a franchisee to use business resources such as the trademark, trade name and business model of which it has the right to authorize
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小鱼来访  写的日记: 【情景对话·商务外贸】 主营办公家具
本: I was told that your company had been in the furniture industry for many years.What kinds of products do you generally handle?

史密斯: We mostly handle office furniture. We supply first-class furniture.Here are our catalogue and the pattern books.You can see the material is superior and with all the lastest styles.Can you give me some idea about what you`re looking for?

本: You know,we want to totally furnish our new office building.This is a list of what we need.Could you give me a ballpark figure for everything on this list?

史密斯: The price varies somewhat according to the size of your order.Would you tell us the quantity you want so that we can work out an offer?
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