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PartIWriting(30 minutes)

Directions:For this part, you areallowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Online Shopping. You should write at least 120 words following theoutline given below:




Online Shopping


Part IIReading Comprehension (Skimming andScanning)(15 minutes)

Directions:In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go overthe passage quickly and answer the questions on AnswerSheet 1. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Forquestions 8-10, complete the sen-tences with the information given inthe passage.

British Cuisine: the Best of Old and New

British cuisine (烹饪) has come of age in recent years as chefs (厨师) combine the best of old and new.

Why does British food have areputation for being so bad? Because it is bad! Those are not the most encouraging words to hear just before eating lunchat one of Hong Kong's smartest British restaurants, Alfie'sby KEE, but head chef Neil Tomes has more to say.

"The past 15 years or sohave been a noticeable period of improvement for food in England," the English chef says, citing the trend in Britishcuisine for better ingredients, preparation and cooking methods, and more appealing presentation. Chefs such as DeliaSmith, Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver and GordonRamsay made the public realise that cooking - and eating - didn't have to be a boring thing. And now, most of the British public isfamiliar even with the extremes of Heston BlumenthaPs molecular gastronomy, a form of cooking that employsscientific methods to create the perfect dish.

"It's no longer the casethat the common man in England is embarrassed to show he knows aboutfood," Tomes says.

There was plenty of room forimprovement. The problems with the nation's cuisine can be traced back to the Second World War. Before the War, muchof Britain's food was imported and when GermanU-boats began attacking ships bringing food to the country, Britain went on rations(配给).

"As rationing came to anend in the 1950s, technology picked up and was used to mass-produce food," Tomes says. "And by then people werejust happy to have a decent quantity of food in their kitchens."

They weren't looking for curedmeats, organic produce or beautiful presentation; they were looking for whatever they could get their hands on, andthis prioritisation of quantity over quality prevailed for decades, meaning ageneration was brought up with food that couldn't compete with neighbouringFrance, Italy, Belgium or Spain.

Before star chefs such asOliver began making cooking fashionable, it was hard to find a restaurant inLondon that was open after 9pm. But in recent years the capital's culinary (烹饪的) scene has developed to the point that it is nowconfident of its ability to please the tastes of any internationalvisitor.

With the opening of Alfie's inApril, and others such as The Pawn, two years ago, modern British food has made its way to Hong Kong. "WithBritish food, I think that Hong Kong restaurants are keeping up," saysDavid Tamlyn, the Welsh executive chef at The Pawn in Wan Chai. "Hong Kong diners are extremely responsive to newideas or presentations, which is good news for newdishes."

Chefs agree that diners in HongKong are embracing the modern British trend. Some restau-rants are modifying the recipes (菜谱) of Britishdishes to breathe new life into the classics, while others are using better quality ingredients but remaining true toBritish traditions and tastes.

Tamlyn is in the second camp."We select our food very particularly. We use US beef, New Zealandlamb and for our custards (牛奶蛋糊)weuse Bird's Custard Powder," Tamlyn says. "Somerestaurants go for custard made fresh with eggs, sugar and cream, but Britishcustard is different, and we stay true to that."

Matthew Hill, senior managerat the two-year-old SoHo restaurant Yorkshire Pudding, also uses betteringredients as a means of improving dishes. "There are a lot of existingperceptions about British food and so we can't alter these too much. We're atraditional British restaurant so there are some staples (主菜)that will remain essentially unchanged."

These traditional dishesinclude fish and chips, steak and kidney pie and large pieces of roasted meats. At Alfie's, the newest of the British restaurantsin town and perhaps the most gentlemen's club-like in design, Neil Tomes explains his passion for provenance (原产地)."Britain has started to become really proud of the food it's producing. It hasexcellent organic farms, beautifully crafted cheeses,high-quality meats."

However, the British don't havea history of exporting their foodstuffs, which makes it difficult forrestaurants in Hong Kong to source authentic ingredients.

"We can get a lot of ouringredients once a week from the UK," Tamlyn explains. "But there is also pressure to buy local and save on food miles, whichmeans we take our vegetables from the local markets, and there are alot that work well with British staples."

The Phoenix, in Mid-Levels, offersthe widest interpretation of "British cuisine", while still trying to maintain its soul. The gastro-pub has existedin various locations in Hong Kong since 2002. Singaporean head chef Tommy Teh Kum Chai offers daily specials ona blackboard, rather than sticking to amenu. This enables him to reinterpret British cuisine depending on what isavail-ablein the local markets.

"We use a lot ofingredients that people wouldn't perhaps associate as British, but are pre-sented in a British way. Bell peppers stuffed withcouscous, alongside ratatouille, is a very popular dish."

Although the ingredients maynot strike diners as being traditional, they can be found in dishes acrossBritain.

Even the traditional chefs areaware of the need to adapt to local tastes and customs, while maintainingthe Britishness of their cuisine.

At Yorkshire Pudding, Hill saysthat his staff asks diners whether they would like to share their meals. Small dishes, shared meals and "mixing itup" is not something commonly done in Britain, but Yorkshire Pudding willbring full dishes to the table and offer individual plates for each diner. "That way, people still get the presentation of thedishes as they were designed, but can carve them up however theylike," Hill says.

This practice is also popularat The Pawn, although largely for rotisseries (烤肉馆),Tamlyn says. "Sometables will arrive on a Sunday, order a whole chicken and a shoulder of lamb ora baby pig, and just stay for hours enjoying everything webring out for them."

Some Britishtraditions are too sacred (神圣的)tomess with, however, Tomes says. "I'd never change a full Englishbreakfast."


1.What is British food generally known for?

A)Its unique flavour.C) Itsspecial cooking methods.

B)Its bad taste.D) Its organicingredients.

2.TheSecond World War led to________ inBritain.

A)an inadequate supply of foodC)an increase in food import

B)a decrease of grain productionD)a change in people's eating habits

3.Whycouldn't Britain compete with some of its neighbouring countries in terms offood in the post-war decades?

A)Its food lacked variety.C) It was shortof well-trained chefs.

B)Its people cared more for quantity.D) It didn't have flavourful foodingredients.

4.Withculinary improvement in recent years, London's restaurants are now able toappeal to the tastes of.

A)most young peopleC) all kinds of overseasvisitors

B)elderly British dinersD)upper-class customers

5.What do Hong Kong diners welcome, accordingto Welsh executive chef David Tamlyn?

A)Authentic classic cuisine.C) New ideas andpresentations.

B)Locally produced ingredients.D) The return ofhome-style dishes.

6.Whileusing quality ingredients, David Tamlyn insists that the dishes should________ .

A)benefitpeople's healthC)be offered at reasonable prices

B)look beautiful and invitingD) maintain Britishtraditional tastes

7.Why does Neil Tomes say he loves foodingredients from Britain?

A)They appeal to people from all over theworld.

B)They are produced on excellent organicfarms.

C)Theyare processed in a scientific way.

D)They come in a great variety.

8.Tamlyn says that besides importingingredients from Britain once a week, his restaurant also buys vegetables from_______.

9.The Phoenix in Mid-Levels may not useBritish ingredients, but presents its dishes ______.

10.YorkshirePudding is a restaurant which will bring full dishes to the table but offerplates to those diners who would like to _______.



Directions:In thissection, you will hear 8 short conversations and2 long conversations. At theend of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what wassaid. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. Aftereach ques-tion there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the fourchoices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Thenmark the correspond-ing letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single linethrough the centre.


11.A) He is careless about his appearance.

B)He is ashamed of his present condition.

C)He changes jobs frequently.

D)He shaves every other day.

12.A) Jane may be caught in a traffic jam.

B)Jane should have started a littleearlier.

C)He knows what sort of person Jane is.

D)He is irritated at having to wait forJane.

13.A) Training for the Mid-AtlanticChampionships.

B)Making preparations for a trans-Atlantictrip.

C)Collecting information about baseballgames.

D)Analyzing their rivals' on-fieldperformance.

14.A) He had a narrow escape in a car accident.

B)He ishospitalized for a serious injury.

C)He lost his mother two weeks ago.

D)He has been having a hard time.

15.A) The woman has known the speaker for a longtime.

B)The man had difficulty understanding thelecture.

C)The man is making a fuss about nothing.

D)The woman thinks highly of the speaker.

16.A) He has difficulty making sense of logic.

B)Statistics and logic are bothchallenging subjects.

C)The woman should seek help from thetutoring service.

D)Tutoring services are very popular withstudents.

17.A) Her overcoat is as stylish as Jill's.C) Jill wore the overcoat lastweek.

B) Jill missedher class last week.D)She is in the same class as the man.

18. A) Acomputer game.C) An exciting experience.

B) An imaginary situation.D) A vacation by the sea.

Questions 19 to21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

19.A) Beautifulscenery in the countryside.C) Pain and pleasure in sports.

B) Dangers of cross-country skiing.D)A sport he participates in.

20.A) He can't findgood examples to illustrate his point.

B)He can't find apeaceful place to do the assignment.

C)He doesn't knowhow to describe the beautiful country scenery.

D)He can't decidewhether to include the effort part of skiing.

21.A) Newideas come up as you write.

B)Much time is spenton collecting data.

C)A lot of effort ismade in vain.

D)The writer's pointof view often changes.

Questions 22 to 25are based on the conversation you have just heard.

22.A)Journalist of a local newspaper.

B)Director of eveningradio programs.

C)Producer oftelevision commercials.

D)Hostess of theweekly "Business World".

23.A) He ranthree restaurants with his wife's help.

B)He and his wife dideverything by themselves.

C)He worked both as acook and a waiter.

D)He hired a cook andtwo local waitresses.

24.A) Hehardly needs to do any advertising nowadays.

B)He advertises a loton radio and in newspapers.

C)He spends huge sumson TV commercials every year.

D)He hires childrento distribute ads in shopping centers.

25.A) The restaurant location.C) The food variety.
B) The restaurant atmosphere.D) The food price.


Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of eachpassage, you will hear somequestions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the bestanswer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark thecorresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


Passage One

Questions26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard.

26. A) Itsprotection is often neglected by children.B) It cannot be fully restored once damaged.

C) There are many false notions about it. D) There arevarious ways to protect it.

27. A) It may make the wearer feeltired.

B) It willgradually weaken the eyes of adults.

C) It can lead to the loss of vision in children.

D) It canpermanently change the eye structure.

28. A) It can never be done even withhigh technology.

B) It is thebest way to restore damaged eyesight.

C)It is a major achievement ineye surgery.

D) It canonly be partly accomplished now.

Passage Two

Questions29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard.

29. A) They think they should follow the current trend.

B) Nursinghomes are well-equipped and convenient.

C) Adult day-care centers are easily accessible.

D) They havejobs and other commitments.

30. A) They don't want to use up all their life savings.

B) They fearthey will regret it afterwards.

C) Theywould like to spend more time with them.

D) They don'twant to see their husbands poorly treated.

31. A)Provide professional standard care.C) Be frank and seek help from others.

B) Be affectionate and cooperative.D)Make full use of community facilities.

Passage Three

Questions32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

32. A) Health andsafety conditions in the workplace.

B) Rights and responsibilities of company employees.

C) Commoncomplaints made by office workers.

D)Conflicts between labor and management.

33. A)Replace its out-dated equipment.

B)Improve the welfare of affected workers.

C)Follow government regulations strictly.

D)Provideextra health compensation.

34.A) They requested to transfer to a saferdepartment.

B)They quit work to protect their unbornbabies.

C)They sought help from unionrepresentatives.

D)They wanted to work shorter hours.

35.A) To show how they love winter sports.

B)To attract the attention from the media.

C)To protest against the poor workingconditions.

D)To protect themselves against the coldweather.

Section C

Directions:In thissection, you will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read for thefirst time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the passageis read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numberedfrom 36 to 43 with the exact words you have just heard. For blanks numberedfrom 44 to 46 you are required to fill in the missing information. For theseblanks, you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write downthe main points in your own words. Finally, when the passage is read for thethird time, you should check what you have written.


Contrary to the old warning that time waits for noone, time slows down when you are on the move. It also slows down more as youmove faster, which means astronauts (宇航员) someday may(36) _____ so long in space that they would return to an Earth of the (37)_____ future. If you could move at the speed of light, your time would standstill. If you could move faster than light, your time would move (38) _____.

Although no formof matter yet (39) _____ moves as fast as or faster than light, (40) _____ experimentshave already confirmed that accelerated (41) _____ causes a traveler's time tobe stretched. Albert Einstein (42) _____ this in 1905, when he (43) _____ theconcept of relative time as part of his Special Theory of Relativity. A searchis now under way to confirm the suspectedexistence of particles of matter (44)____________________________________.

An obsession(沉迷) with time– saving, gaining, wasting, losing, and mastering it(45) ____________________________________. Humanityalso has been obsessed with trying tocapture the meaning of time. Einstein (46)____________________________________. Thus, time and time's relativity aremeasurable by any hourglass, alarm clock, or an atomic clock that can measure abillionth of a second.

PartIVReadingComprehension (Reading in Depth)(25minutes)


Directions: In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required toselect one word for each blank from a listof choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making yourchoices. Each choice in the bank isidentified by a letter. Please mark the corresponding letter for each item on AnswerSheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You maynot use any of the words in the bank more than once.

Questions 47 to 56are based on the following passage.

The popular notion that older people need less sleep thanyounger adults is a myth, scientists said yesterday.

While elderly people __47__ to sleep for fewer hoursthan they did when they were younger, this has a(n) __48__ effect on their brain's performance and they wouldbenefit from getting more, according to research.

SeanDrummond, a. psychiatrist (心理医生) atthe University of California, San Diego, said olderpeople are more likely to suffer from broken sleep, while younger people arebetter at sleeping __49__ straight through the night.

More sleep in old age, however, is __50__ with betterhealth, and most older people would feel better and more __51__ if they slept for longer periods, he said.

“The ability to sleep in one chunk (整块时间) overnight goesdown as we age but the amount of sleep we needto __52__ well does not change,” Dr Drummond told the American Association forthe Advancement of Science conference in San Diego.

“It's __53__ a myth that older people need less sleep.The more healthy an older adult is, the more they sleep like they did when they were __54__. Our data suggests thatolder adults would benefit from __55__ toget as much sleep as they did in their 30s. That's __56__ from person to person,but the amount of sleep we had at 35 is probably the same amount as we need at75.”


A) alert

I) formally

B) associated

J) function

C) attracting

K) mixed

D) cling

L) negative

E) continuing

M) sufficient

F) definitely

N) tend

G) different

O) younger


Directions:There are 2passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions orunfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B),C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the correspondingletter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage.

Several recent studies have found that being randomly(随机地) assigned to a roommate of another racecan lead to increased tolerance but also to a greater likelihood (可能性)of conflict.

Recent reports found that lodging with a student ofa different race may decrease prejudice and compel students to engage in moreethnically diverse friendships.

An Ohio State University study also found that blackstudents living with a white roommate saw higher academic success throughouttheir college careers. Researchers believe this may be caused by socialpressure.

In a New York Times article, Sam Boakye – theonly black student on his freshman year floor -said that "if you'resurrounded by whites, you have something to prove."

Researchers also observed problemsresulting from pairing interracial students in residences.

According to two recent studies, randomly assignedroommates of different races are more likely to experience conflicts sostrained that one roommate will move out.

An Indiana University study found that interracialroommates were three times as likely as two white roommates to no longer livetogether by the end of the semester.

Grace Kao, a professor at Penn said she was notsurprised by the findings. "This may be the first time that some of thesestudents have interacted, and lived, with someone of a different race,"she said.

At Penn, students are not asked toindicate race when applying for housing.

"One of the great things about freshman housingis that, with some exceptions, the process throws you together randomly,"said Undergraduate Assembly chairman Alec Webley. "This is the definitionof integration."

"I've experienced roommate conflicts betweeninterracial students that have both broken down stereotypes and reinforcedstereotypes," said one Penn resident advisor (RA). The RA of two yearsadded that while some conflicts "provided more multicultural acceptanceand melding (融合)," therewere also "jarring cultural confrontations."

The RA said that these conflicts have also occurredamong roommates of the same race.

Kao said she cautions against forming anygeneralizations based on any one of the studies, noting that more backgroundcharacteristics of the students need to be studied and explained.


57. What can we learn from some recentstudies?

A)Conflictsbetween students of different races are unavoidable.

B)Students of different races areprejudiced against each other.

C)Interracial lodging does more harm thangood.

D)Interracial lodging may have diverseoutcomes.

58. What does Sam Boakye's remark mean?

A)White students tend to look down upontheir black peers.

B)Black students can compete with theirwhite peers academically.

C)Black students feel somewhat embarrassedamong white peers during the freshman year.

D)Being surrounded by white peersmotivates a black student to work harder to succeed.

59. What does the Indiana Universitystudy show?

A)Interracial roommates are more likely tofall out.

B)Few white students like sharing a roomwith a black peer.

C)Roommates of different races just don'tget along.

D)Assigningstudents' lodging randomly is not a good policy.

60. What does Alec Webley consider to bethe "definition of integration"?

A)Students of different races are requiredto share a room.

B)Interracial lodging is arranged by theschool for freshmen.

C)Lodging is assigned to students ofdifferent races without exception.

D)The school randomly assigns roommateswithout regard to race.

61. What does Grace Kao say aboutinterracial lodging?

A)It is unscientific to makegeneralizations about it without further study.

B)Schools should be cautious when makingdecisions about student lodging.

C)Students' racial background should beconsidered before lodging is assigned.

D)Experienced resident advisors should beassigned to handle the problems.

Passage Two

Questions 62 to 66 are based on thefollowing passage.

Global warming is causing morethan 300,000 deaths and about $125 billion in economic losses each year,according to a report by the Global Humanitarian Forum, an organization led by Annan,the former United Nations secretary general.

The report, to be releasedFriday, analyzed data and existing studies of health, disaster, population andeconomic trends. It found that human-influenced climate change was raising theglobal death rates from illnesses including malnutrition (营养不良)and heat-related health problems.

But even before its release, thereport drew criticism from some experts on climate and risk, who questioned itsmethods and conclusions.

Alongwith the deaths, the report said that the lives of 325 million people,primarily in poor countries, were being seriously affected by climate change.It projected that the number would double by 2030.

Roger Pielke Jr., a politicalscientist at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who studies disaster trends, saidthe Forum's report was "a methodological embarrassment" because therewas no way to distinguish deaths or economic losses related to human-drivenglobal warming amid the much larger losses resulting from the growth inpopulations and economic development in vulnerable(易受伤害的) regions. Dr. Pielke said that “climatechange is an important problem requiring ourutmost attention.” But the report, he said, "will harm the cause foraction on both climate change and disasters because it is so deeply flawed (有瑕疵的)."

However, Soren Andreasen, asocial scientist at Dalberg Global Development Partners who supervised the writing of the report, defended it, sayingthat it was clear that the numbers were rough estimates. He said the report was aimed at world leaders, who willmeet in Copenhagen in December to negotiate a newinternational climate treaty.

In a press release describingthe report, Mr. Annan stressed the need for the negotiations to focus on increasing the flow of money from rich to poorregions to help reduce their vulnerability to climate hazards while stillcurbing the emissions of the heat-trapping gases. More than 90% of the human and economic losses from climate change areoccurring in poor countries, according to the report.

62.What is thefinding of the Global Humanitarian Forum?

A)Global temperaturesaffect the rate of economic development.

B)Rates of death fromillnesses have risen due to global warming.

C)Malnutrition hascaused serious health problems in poor countries.

D)Economic trendshave to do with population and natural disasters.

63.What do welearn about the Forum's report from the passage?

A)It was challengedby some climate and risk experts.

B)It aroused a lotof interest in the scientific circles.

C)It was warmlyreceived by environmentalists.

D)It caused a bigstir in developing countries.

64.What doesDr. Pielke say about the Forum's report?

A)Its statisticslook embarrassing.C) Itdeserves our closest attention.

B)It is invalid interms of methodology. D) Itsconclusion is purposely exaggerated.

65.What isSoren Andreasen's view of the report?

A)Its conclusions arebased on carefully collected data.

B)It is vulnerable tocriticism if the statistics are closely examined.

C)It will give riseto heated discussions at the Copenhagen conference.

D)Its rough estimatesare meant to draw the attention of world leaders.

66.What doesKofi Annan say should be the focus of the Copenhagen conference?

A)How rich and poorregions can share responsibility in curbing global warming.

B)How human andeconomic losses from climate change can be reduced.

C)How emissions ofheat-trapping gases can be reduced on a global scale.

D)How rich countriescan better help poor regions reduce climate hazards.

PartVCloze(15 minutes)

Directions:There are 20blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices markedA), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONEthat best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on AnswerSheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


When it comes to eating smart foryour heart, thinking about short-term fixes and simplify life with astraightforward approach that will serve you well for years to come.

Smart eating goes beyondanalyzing every bite ad you lift __67__ your mouth. "In the past we used tobelieve that __68__ amounts of individual nutrients (营养物)were the __69__ to good health," Linda Van Horn, chair of the AmericanHeart Association's Nutrition Committee. "But now we have a __70__understanding of healthy eating and the kinds of food necessary to __71__ notonly heart disease but disease __72__ general," she adds.

Scientists now __73__ on thebroader picture of the balance of food eaten __74__ several days or a week __75__than on the number of milligrams (毫克) ofthis or that __76__ at each meal.

Fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, for example, provide nutrients and plant-based compounds __77__ forgood health. “The more we learn, the more __78__we are by the wealth of essential substancesthey __79__," Van Horn continues, "and how they __80__ with each other to keep us healthy."

You'llautomatically be __81__ the right heart-healthy track if vegetables, fruits and whole grains make __82__ three quarters of the food on your dinner plate. __83__ in the remaining one quarter with lean meat or chicken, fish or eggs.

The foodsyou choose to eat as well as those you choose to __84__clearly contribute to your well-being.Without a __85__, each of the small decisions you make in this realm can make a big __86__ on your health inthe years to come.

67. A) betweenB) throughC)insideD)to

68. A) seriousB) splendidC)specificD) separate

69. A) keyB) pointC) leadD)center

70. A) strictB) differentC)typicalD) natural

71. A) rescueB) preventC)forbidD)offend

72. A) inB) uponC)forD)by

73. A) turnB)putC) focusD)carry

74. A) overB) alongC)withD)beyond

75. A) otherB) betterC)ratherD)sooner

76. A) conveyedB) consumedC)enteredD) exhausted

77 A) vitalB) initialC) validD) radical

78. A) disturbed B) depressed C) amazedD) amused

79. A) retain B)containC) attainD)maintain

80. A) interfere B) interactC) reckonD) rest

81. A) at B)ofC) onD)within

82. A) out B) intoC)offD) up

83. A) Engage B) FillC)InsertD) Pack

84. A) delete B)hinderC)avoidD) spoil

85. A) notion B) hesitationC) reasonD) doubt

86. A) outcome B) functionC) impactD) commitment


Directions: Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given inbrackets. Please write your translation on Answer Sheet 2.


87. The university authorities did not approve theregulation, _____________________ (也没有解释为什么).

88. Jane is tired of dealing with customer complaintsand wishes that she _____________________ (能被分配做另一项工作).

89. John rescuedthe drowning child _____________________ (冒着自己生命危险).

90. George called his boss from the airport but it_____________________ (接电话的却是他的助手).

91. Although he was interested in philosophy, _____________________ (他的父亲说服他) majoring in law.


PartI Writing


Doing Shopping Online

With the development of the Internet,shopping is no longer a tiring thing. Just click your mouse to choose thearticles you like, and the purchase is done. You don't even have to step out ofthe room. It seems all easy and quick.

However, people's opinions vary on thistrend. Some believe that on line shopping is time and money saving. Withplentiful selection options, they can buy whatever they like at any timeconvenient. Still others insist that mis-purchasing alone is annoying enough,not to mention the credibility of the sellers and the safety of their accounts.

In my opinion, the convenience andexcitement of on line shopping is beyond all doubts. In the meantime, we mustalways bear in mind that certain traps do exist, so we'd better make sure thesellers are trustworthy before buying. In addition, we should also guardourselves from the potential hackers who might steal our account information.


这是一篇“中等偏上”的学生作文。 本文先对网购热潮进行简介,引出全篇;接着对网络购物的正反两方面进行对比;最后提出自己的看法结束全篇。整体看思路清晰,逻辑严密,行文流畅,用语较为地道。


1. 文章结构上,能看得出该同学试图采用议论文的“三段式”(提出问题、分析问题、解决问题)。 但是,以“With the development of the Internet”为开首语,有些落入俗套,有硬套模板的嫌疑。稍加注意,应该能写出更好的句子。

2. 微观语言点方面,有些语句稍显啰嗦,比如With plentiful selection options… 简化成Withplentiful selections… 更好,意思没有丝毫减损,表达力反而增强许多。


With the help of the ever rapiddevelopment of internet technology, online shopping is coming into fashion inmost of cities.

Online shopping is welcomed by most peopledue to various reasons. From the perspective of consumer, it can save some timefor people who don't have much spare time. Just click the mouse, they can getwhatever they want while staying at home. For the retailers, it can cut somecosts for those who don't have much circulating funds. They don't have to renta house and spend money on employees compared with the traditional trade mode.However, there are still some defects in online shopping. First, lace of faceto face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. Second,people will lose the fun of bargain.

It is undeniable that shopping on theinternet has become an irresistible trend in modern society. It's of greaturgency that we need to regulate the relative laws accordance with the rapidgrowth of online shopping. Only in this way can we enjoy the pleasure andconvenience of online shopping without the concern of being treated.








Online shopping has been a boon to manyindustries and companies looking to expand their markets. Also, it's convenientfor shoppers who are too busy to leave the house. However, in some casesnothing can replace a true face to face shopping experience.

Internet shopping is convenient for themothers who spend all day doing house chores and for the fathers who work a full-timejob. On the other hand, there are limits to shopping online, for example:guessing the correct size of clothing on a computer screen can be veryfrustrating.

For the busy mother and father, onlineshopping is a very useful and convenient tool. But, there are instances, likeclothes shopping, where nothing beats the real thing.






PartII Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. B. Its bad taste

解析:题干中generally known for 对应原文a reputation for,根据原文第一句Why does Britishfood have a reputation for being so bad? Because it is bad! 可知关键词为bad,故选B。

2. A. an inadequate supply of production

解析:由题干关键词the Second World War可以定位到原文第四段,二战之前,英国的食品都是进口的,二战之后,食品供应船只遭到攻击,只能依靠配给。故选A,食品供给不足。

3. B. Its people cared more for quantity

解析:由compete with some of itsneighbouring countries可以定位到原文第6段,they weren't looking for…, they were looking for…, thisprioritization of quantity over quality prevailed for decades. 可见他们对数量的追求高于质量,因此选B。

4. C. all kinds of overseas visitors

解析:由题干关键词culinary定位到原文第7段,根据最后一句…its ability to please the tastesof any international visitor. 而any internationalvisitor就等同于答案all kinds of overseas visitors。故选C.

5. C. New ideas and presentations

解析:问题是按照David Tamlyn的观点,香港的饮食者喜欢什么。先根据David Tamlyn这个人名定位到原文第八段,再根据最后一句话Hong Kongdiners are extremely responsive to new ideas or presentations,…这里的are extremely responsive to在意思上等于题干中的welcome。

6. D. maintain British traditional tastes

解析:一些饭店修改菜谱,采用新样式,而另外一些则保留英式口味,再根据Tamlyn is in the second camp,可知Tamlyn属于后者,即保留原汁原味。故答案选D。

7. B. They are produced on excellentorganic farms

解析:由Neil Tomes定位到原文第12段,根据最后两句话…It has excellent organic farms,beautifully crafted cheeses, high-quality meats可选出答案B,Neil Tomes喜欢英国原料的原因就在于原料产于优秀的有机农场。

8. the local markets

解析:根据原文,… which means we takeour vegetables from the local markets, …即除了从英国直接进口,还有部分蔬菜从本地市场购买的。

9. in a British way

解析:先定位到The Phoenix那一段,再找到下一段,We use a lot of ingredients that people wouldn't perhaps associateas British, but are presented in a British way.

10. share their meals

解析:At Yorkshire Pudding, Hillsays that his staff asks diners whether they would like to share their meals.餐厅之所以在上菜之后再供应碟子,原因就在于可能会有人愿意和别人分享食物。

PartIII Listening Comprehension



M: Shawn's been trying for months to finda job. But I wonder how he could get a job when he looks like that.

W: Oh, that poor guy! He really shouldshave himself every other day at least and put on something clean.

Q: What do we learn about Shawn?

答案:A. He is careless about hisappearance.

解析: 男生 首先对肖恩能否找到工作表示怀疑,因为他邋遢。 女生 接着提到肖恩不修边幅,又说他应该每隔一天刮一次胡子,把自己弄得整洁干净一点。由此可知,肖恩是一个对仪容仪表不太注重,比较粗线条的人shave,刮胡子;be careless about不在乎,不介意;


W: I wish Jane would call when she knowshe'll be late. This is not the first time we've had to wait for her.

M: I agree. But she does have to drivethrough very heavy traffic to get here.

Q: What does the man imply?

答案:A. Jane maybe caught in atraffic jam.


男生又说:“I agree. But she does haveto drive through very heavy traffic to get here.”(我同意。但是她到这里的确要遭受很拥堵的交通。)由此得出,男生对此事的态度是理解或宽容的。Jane可能被堵在半路了。


M: Congratulations! I heard your baseballteam is going to the Middle Atlantic Championship.

W: Yeah, we're all working real hard rightnow!

Q: What is the woman's team doing?

答案:A. Training for theMid-Atlantic Championship.

解析:对话开头男生提到女生所在的棒球队要参加Mid-AtlanticChampionship.女生说:“we're all working real hard rightnow!”(我们现在正紧锣密鼓地练习呢!)由此可知,女生所在的棒球队正在进行赛前训练。

此题还有一个迷惑选项B, Making preparationsfor a trans-Atlantic trip,必须注意的是:这里并不是准备旅行,而是准备参赛。


W: John's been looking after his mother inthe hospital. She was injured in a car accident two weeks ago and still incritical condition.

M: Oh, that's terrible. And you know hisfather passed away last year.

Q: What do we learn about John?

答案:D. He has been having a hardtime.

解析:根据听力原文可知,“John's mother is inthe hospital and his father died last year.”(约翰的母亲出车祸住院了,父亲两年前也过世了)由此可见,John的近况还是蛮悲惨的;答案也就显而易见了。


M: What a boring speaker! I can hardlystay awake.

W: Well, I don't know. In fact, I thinkit's been a long time since I've heard anyone is good.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

答案:D The woman thinks highly ofthe speaker

解析:根据听力原文可知,男生觉得演讲无趣,女生却很淡定地说:“其实我已经很久没有听到那么好的发言了”。由此可见,女生对发言还是很肯定的。选项D中“thinks highly of”即“对…评价高”,故D是正确答案。


W: I'm having a lot of trouble with logicand it seems my professor can't explain it in a way that makes sense to me.

M: You know, there is a tutoring serviceon campus. I was about to drop statistics before they helped me out.

Q: What does the man mean?

答案:C. The woman should seek helpfrom tutoring services.




M: This is a stylish overcoat. I saw youwearing it last week, did't I?

W: Oh, that wasn't me. That was my sisterJill. She's in your class.

Q: What does the woman mean?

答案:C. Jill wore the overcoatlast week.

解析:首先男生问女生上周是否穿过拉风外套,然后女生说:“That was my sister Jill. She's in your class.”(那是我姐姐Jill,她和你同班)也就是说男生很有可能看到的那个穿着拉风外套的人是女生的姐姐Jill。


M: Jane, suppose you lost all your moneywhile taking a vacation overseas, what would you do?

W: Well, I guess I'd sell my watch orcomputer or do some odd jobs till I could afford a return plane ticket.

Q: What are the speakers talking about?

答案:B. An imaginary situation.

解析:根据原文录音可知,对话开头男生讲到:“Jane,suppose you lost all your money while taking a vacation overseas, what wouldyou do? ”这里的"suppose"表明“假定、料想”由此可见,两人谈论的是一个虚拟场景。

Conversation One


M: Hello, professor Johnson.

W: Hello, Tony. So what shall we work ontoday?

M: Well, the problem is that this writingassignment isn't coming out right. What I thought I was writing on was to talkabout what particular sport means to me when I participate in,

W: What sport did you choose?

M: I decided to write about cross-countryskiing.

W: What are you going to say about skiing?

M: That's the problem. I thought I wouldwrite about how peaceful it is to be out in the country.

W: So why is that a problem?

M: As I start describing how quiet it isto be out in the woods. I keep mentioning how much effort it takes to keepgoing. Cross-country skiing isn't as easy as some people think. It takes a lotof energy, but that's not part of my paper. So I guess I should leave it out.But now I don't know how to explain that feeling of peacefulness withoutexplaining how hard you have to work for it. It all fits together. It's notlike just sitting down somewhere and watching the clouds roll by. That'sdifferent.

W: Then you'll have to include that inyour point. The peacefulness of cross-country skiing is the kind you earn byeffort. Why leave that out? Part of your point you knew before hand but partyou discovered as you wrote. That's common, right?

M: Yeah, I guess so.

Q19: What is the topic of the man'swriting assignment?

C) Pain and pleasure in sports

Q20: What problem does the man have whileworking on his paper?

D) He can't decide whether to include theeffort part of skiing.

Q21: What does the woman say is common inwriting papers?

A) New ideas come up as you write.

19. D) A sport he participates in

解析:题目问的是,男生论文的主题是什么,从talk aboutwhat particular sport means to me when I participate in一句中,可得对应选项D。C选项是一个干扰项,pain andpleasure in sports, 意为运动中的痛苦与快乐,其中sports一词范围太大,对话中只谈到了cross-country skiing, 因此,C选项错。

20. D) He can't decide whether to includethe effort part of skiing.

解析:当男生打算将越野滑雪的艰辛剔除出论文时,教授说了一句“Thenyou'll have to include that in your point.”对应选项D

21. A) New ideas come up as you write.

解析:在对话的最后,教授提到“Part of yourpoint you knew before hand but part you discovered as you wrote. That's common,right?”这句话意思是说,在写论文之前,论点的一部分我们已经有了,但另一部分在写的过程中才会发现,因此,对应选项A。A选项与D选项较易混淆,但从教授的话中,我们可以看出,不是论点发生变化,而是在写作过程中,会有新的想法产生。



Conversation Two

W: Good evening and welcome to this week'sBusiness World.

It program for and about business people.Tonight we have Mr. Angeleno who came to the US six years ago, and is now anestablished businessman with three restaurants in town.Tell us Mr. Angeleno,how did you get started?

M: Well I started off with a small diner.I did all the cooking myself and my wife waited on tables. It was really toomuch work for two people. My cooking is great. And word got around town aboutthe food. Within a year, I had to hire another cook and four waitresses. Whenthat restaurant became very busy, I decided to expand my business. Now withthree places my main concern is keeping the business successful and runningsmoothly.

W: Do you advertise?

M: Oh yes. I don't have any TVcommercials, because they are too expensive. But I advertise a lot on radio andin local newspapers. My children used to distribute ads. in nearby shoppingcentres, but we don't need to do that anymore.

W: Why do you believe you've been so successful?

M: Em, I always serve the freshestpossible food and I make the atmosphere as comfortable and as pleasant as Ican, so that my customers will want to come back.

W: So you always aim to please thecustomers?

M: Absolutely!Without them I would have nobusiness at all.

W: Thank you Mr.Angeleno.I think youradvice will be helpfull to those just staring out in business.

Questions 23 to 25 are based on theconversation you have just heard.

22 What is the woman's occupation

D) Hostess of the weekly “Business World”

23 what do we learn about Mr.Angeleno'sbusiness at its beginning

B) He and his wife did everything bythemselves.

24 what does Mr. Angeleno say aboutadvertising his business.

B) He advertises a lot on radio and innewspapers.

25 What does the man say contribute to hissuccess?

B) The restaurant atmosphere

22. D) Hostess of the weekly “BusinessWorld”


23. B) He and his wife did everything bythemselves.

解析:题目问的是,刚开始的时候,Angeleno的生意怎么样?对话中提到,I did all the cooking myself and my wife waited on tables. Angeleno负责做菜,他妻子负责接待,对应选项B。

24. B) He advertises a lot on radio and innewspapers.

解析:从But I advertise a lot onradio and in local newspapers. 一句中,可以得到对应选项。

25. B) The restaurant atomsphere

解析:题目问的是,什么有助于餐厅的成功?对话中提到,I alwaysserve the freshest possible food and I make the atmosphere as comfortable andas pleasant as I can, so that my customers will want to come back. 可见,Angeleno会提供尽可能新鲜的食物和舒适的用餐环境以吸引顾客,因此,对应选项B,也许,有童鞋会问,为什么不选C?注意,C选项是指各种各样的食物,与文意中“新鲜的食物”不符,是错误选项。



Passage One

There are many commonly held beliefs abouteye glasses and eyesight that are not proven facts. For instance, some peoplebelieve that wearing glasses too soon weakens the eyes. But there is noevidence to show that the structure of eyes is changed by wearing glasses at ayoung age. Wearing the wrong glasses, however, can prove harmful. Studies showthat for adults there is no danger, but children can develop loss of vision ifthey have glasses inappropriate for their eyes.

We have all heard some of the common mythsabout how eyesight gets bad. Most people believe that reading in dim lightcauses poor eyesight, but that is untrue. Too little light makes the eyes workharder, so they do get tired and strained. Eyestrain also results from readinga lot, reading in bed, and watching too much television. However, althougheyestrain may cause some pain or headaches, it does not permanently damageeyesight.

Another myth about eyes is that they canbe replaced, or transferred from one person to another. There are close to onemillion nerve fibres that connect the eyeball to the brain, as of yet it isimpossible to attach them all in a new person. Only certain parts of the eyecan be replaced. But if we keep clearing up the myths and learning more aboutthe eyes, some day a full transplant may be possible.



本文主要介绍关于纠正一些对眼镜及视力的常识的错误认识。注意文章首句"There are many commonly held beliefs about eye glasses and eyesightthat are not proven facts." 通常这种文章首句就是主旨句。这是做听力短文题必须要高度关注的。接下去可以推测下面内容必然围绕主题句展开,通过举例等来论证作者要表明的观点。所以听的时候也要高度专注那些关键词句,如for instance, however, but, evidence, although, Studies show that...这些关键词句后面的内容是听力常考的地方。最后文章给出一个总结句呼吁人们破除固有的一些认识,去更多了解我们的眼睛,头尾呼应。

Questions 26 to 28 are based on thepassage you have just heard.

26. What does the speaker want to tell usabout eyesight?

答案:C)Thereare many false notions about it.

解析:从"eyesight" 可以把答案定位于第一段,关键词有"weakens the eyes" "loss of vision". 注意题目中是问speaker要告诉我们的,所以不要被some people believe...误导,看清题目要问什么很重要。容易混淆的是A选项,文中提到如果孩子戴不合适的眼镜会使孩子的视力减弱,但并没有提到孩子经常忽视保护视力。B、D选项文中没有提及,可以排除。

27. What do studies about wearing thewrong glasses show?

答案:C)Itcan lead to the loss of vision in children.

解析:本题关键词是"studies""wearing the wrong glasses". 文章中作者很明显地给出了"Studiesshow that for adults..." 因此了解这个后面的内容,做出本题难度不大。文中说到"for adults there is no danger" ,因此排除B选项。"there is no evidence... the structure of eyes is changed""it does not permanently damage eyesight"可以排除D选项,注意如果漏听了no,很可能就会选错。A选项前文没有提及,可以排除。

28.What do we learn about eyetransplanting from the talk?

答案:D)Itcan only be partly accomplished now.

解析:本题关键词"eyetransplanting",迅速定位于听力后面部分。A、B、C选项文中没有提及,排除。文章最后部分"Only certain parts of the eye can be replaced" "Onlycertain parts of the eye can be replaced"可以推断出答案是D选项。

Passage Two

When people care for an elderly relative,they often do not use available community services such as adult daycarecenters. If the caregivers are adult children, they are more likely to use suchservices, especially because they often have jobs and other responsibilities.In contrast, a spouse usually the wife, is much less likely to use supportservices or to put the dependent person in a nursing home. Social workersdiscover that the wife normally tries to take care of her husband herself foras long as she can in order not to use up their life savings. Researchers havefound that caring for the elderly can be a very positive experience. Theelderly appreciated the care and attention they received. They were affectionateand cooperative. However, even when caregiving is satisfying, it is hard work.Social workers and experts on aging offer caregivers and potential caregivershelp when arranging for the care of an elderly relative. One consideration isto ask parents what they want before they become sick or dependent. Perhapsthey prefer going into a nursing home and can select one in advance. On theother hand, they may want to live with their adult children. Caregivers mustalso learn to state their needs and opinions clearly and ask for help fromothers especially brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters are often willingto help, but they may not know what to do

Questions 29 to 32 are based on thepassage you have just heard.

29. Why are adult children more likely touse community services to help care for elderly parents?

答案:D)Theyhave jobs and other commitments.

解析:细节题。本题询问原因,文章开头很快就给出了本题答案"becausethey often have jobs and other responsibilities." 注意D选项中的commitments的意思是“承诺,保证;承担义务”和responsibilities意思相近。这也是四级考试中常见的选项设置,用同义词或近义词替换掉文中的词汇。这要求考试在备考时,重点词汇及其同义词反义词都要有所了解。其他选项文中没有提及,可排除。

30. Why are most wives unwilling to puttheir dependent husbands into nursing homes?

答案:A) They don't want to use upall their life savings.

解析:细节题。关键词"wives""husbands"。本题不难,文章中已经直接给出答案" in order not touse up their life savings"。

31. According to the passage, what mustcaregivers learn to do?

31. According to the passage, what mustcaregivers learn to do?

答案:C)Befrank and seek help from others.

解析:关键词"caregivers""learnto do",问看护人应该要学会做的事情,然后迅速定位于最后部分,"Oneconsideration is to ask...","Caregivers mustalso learn to state..." 主要有两件事情,C选项是其中一个,另外一个选项中没有,排除A、B和D选项。

Passage Three

Since a union representative visited ourcompany to inform us about our rights and protections. My coworkers have beenworrying about health conditions and complaining about safety hazards in theworkplace. Several of the employees in the computer department, for example,claim to be developing vision problems from having to stare at a video displayterminal for about 7 hours a day. The supervisor of the laboratory is beginningto get headaches and dizzy spells because she says it's dangerous to breathesome of the chemical smoke there. An X-rays technician is refusing to do herjob until the firm agrees to replace its out-dated equipment. She insists thatit's exposing workers to unnecessarily high doses of radiation. She thinks thatshe may have to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration andasked that government agency to inspect the department. I've heard that at afactory in the area two pregnant women who were working with paint requested atransfer to a safer department, because they wanted to prevent damage to theirunborn babies. The supervisor of personnel refused the request. In another firmthe workers were constantly complaining about the malfunctioning heatingsystem, but the owners was too busy or too mean to do anything about it.Finally, they all met an agree to wear ski-clothing to work the next day. Theowner was too embarrassed to talk to his employees. But he had the heatingsystem replaced right away.

Questions 32- 35 are based on the passageyou have just heard.

32 What does the talk focus on?

A) Health and safety conditions inworkplace.


33 What did the X-ray technician ask hercompany to do?

Replace its out-dated equipments.

答案:A)Replaceits out-dated equipments.


34 What does the speaker say about the twopregnant women working with paint?

A) They requested to transfer to a saferdepartment.

答案:A) They requested to transferto a safer department.


35 Why did the workers in the firm wearski-clothing to work?

C) To protest against the poor workingconditions.

答案:C)Toprotest against the poor working conditions.

解析:推理题。本题容易误选D选项。因为是heating system出了故障。但通过下文"tooembarrassed""had the heating system replaced right away" 从老板的反应及采取的措施可以推断出,员工们穿滑雪服地原因其实为对差的工作环境向老板提出抗议。

SectionC Compound Dictation

Contrary to the old warning that timewaits for no one, time slows down when you are on the move. It also slows downmore as you move faster, which means astronauts(宇航员) some day may survive so long in space that they would return to anearth of the distant future. If you could move at the speed of light, your timewould stand still, if you could move faster than light, your time would movebackward.

Although no form of matter yet discovered,moves as fast as or faster than light, scientific experiments has alreadyconfirmed that accelerated motion causes a traveler's time to be stretched.Albert Einstein predicted this in 1905, when he introduced the concept ofrelative time as part of his special theory of relativity. A search is nowunder way to confirm the suspected existence of particles of matter that moveat a speed greater than light, and therefore, might serve as our passports tothe past. An obsession with time - saving, gaining, wasting, losing andmastering it - seems to have been a part of humanity for as long as human haveexisted. Humanity also has been obsessed with trying to capture the meaning oftime. Einstein used a definition of time for experimental purposes, as thatwhich is measured by a clock. Thus time and time's relativity are measurable byany hour glass, alarm clock, or atomic clock that can measure a billionth of asecond.




36. survive


37. distant

解析:这个空在future 前面,所以预判该填形容词常用搭配无非near,close, distant等,根据听力原文,如上所述,确定是遥远的未来;填distant。

38. backward

解析:速度达到光速,时间静止;根据常识推断,若速度快于光速,那么时间将后退,即move backward,根据听力原文可确定这一推断。

39. discovered


40. scientific


41. motion



42. predicted


43. introduced


44. that move at a speed greater thanlight, and therefore, might serve as our passports to the past.


45. seems to have been a part of humanityfor as long as human have existed.


46. used a definition of time forexperimental purposes, as that which is measured by a clock.





PartIV Reading Comprehension (Reading in depth)



47 N tend

48 L negative

49 H efficiently

50 B associated

51 A alert

52 J function/

53 F definitely

54 O younger

55 E continuing

56 G different


47. tend to 固定搭配;表示“倾向于;”符合句意;

48. 空格后是effect,前面是a(n), 由此可见,该处需要填入一个形容词;题目给出的形容词有negative,sufficient, younger;根据前后语意,填入negative最为恰当,表示“少的睡眠时间对大脑的活动有负面的影响。”

49. 根据推测,该处应该填入一个副词,题目给出的副词有efficiently, definitely, formally;前面提到,老年人在睡觉的时候更容易被打断,而后面用while提出一个对比的概念,年轻人相比起来能获得更_______ 的睡眠;综合起来,选用efficiently(最有效率的)最为准确。

50. be associated with 固定搭配;表示“与…联系在一起”;本句话表示“更多的睡眠通常都与健康度联系在一起”;

51. 先看整句话的含义,“如果他们能睡更长的时间,他们的感觉应该会更好以及…”那么,该处应该填入一个褒义词,选择alert比较恰当,表示“更加警觉,机灵”;

52. 根据判断,此处应该填入一个动词,剩下的动词有cling, function;整句话的意思是“当我们上了年纪的时候,我们一觉睡到天亮的能力下降了,但是,我们需要…的睡眠量并没有改变;”空格后的单词是well, cling 在这里并不合适,一般与to连用;选用function 最为适合;

53. 作者在首段已经提出这个观点是一个myth,那么显而易见最后一段中出现的myth是作为一种强调手段,应填入definitely;

54. 空格的前面是when they were…, “当他们年轻的时候”;应填入younger;

55. 本句的意思是“我们的数据显示老年人将从…获益;”空格的后面是“得到和他们在三十多岁的时候能得到的睡眠一样多”;根据上下文意思,该处应填入“continuing”;

56. different from 固定搭配;表示“和…不同”;



Passage One

57. What can we learn from some recentstudies?

答案:D. Interracial lodging mayhave diverse outcomes.

关键词:recent studies, but also

定位:题干中some recent studies提示答案定位在第一段第一句话。

解析:问题提问从最近的研究中我们可以了解到什么?第一段第一句中Severalrecent studies found that…与题干对应,由此可知that后的就是recent studies的内容,即being randomly assignedto a roommate of another race can lead to increased tolerance but also to agreater likelihood of conflict。其中“being randomlyassigned to a roommate of another race”对应了选项D中的“interracial lodging”,“can… but also…”说明了interracial lodging是有利有弊的。因此D选项符合文意。而C选项“弊大于利”不符合文意, A“不同种族学生之间的争执是不可避免的”选项与B“不同种族的学生相互存在偏见”原文中没有明确提及

58. What does Sam Boakye's remark mean?

答案:D. Being surrounded by whitepeers motivates a black student to work harder to succeed.

关键词:surrounded, something toprove

定位:题干中出现的人名Sam Boakye提示答案定位在第四段第一句话。

解析:问题提问Sam Boakye的话是什么意思?通过定位可以找到Sam Boakye的那段话,即if you're surrounded bywhites, you have something to prove. 这句话前面的插入语-the onlyblack student on his freshman year floor- 介绍了Sam Boakye作为黑人学生的背景,帮助我们理解之前那句话:如果你的周围都是白人,那么一定会去证明些什么,言下之意就是选项D“白人同伴的存在会激励黑人学生更加努力地去取得成功”。而选项A, B, C在文中没有明确提及。本题选项C有个干扰信息“the freshman year”,在原文中出现。某些考生看到这个词,不假思索就选择了这个选项,但没有搞懂原文的意思,导致错误选择。请考生留意。

59. What does the Indian University studyshow?

答案:A. Interracial roommates aremore likely to fall out.

关键词:Indian University, morelikely,

定位:题干中出现的机构名称Indian University提示答案定位在第七段第一句话。

解析:问题提问Indian University的研究显示了什么?通过定位可以发现研究结果显示Interracial roommate were three times as likely as two whiteroommates to no longer live together,与选项A中的more likely to fall out 对应,因此选择D。此处,fall out 应该理解为“散伙,分开”有些考生可能因为不理解意思而产生歧义,请考生留意。

60. What does Alec Webley consider to bethe “definition of integration”?

答案:D. The school randomlyassigns roommates without regard to race.

关键词:Alec Webley, definition ofintegration

定位:题干出现的人名Alec Webley提示答案定位在第十段第一句。

解析:通过定位找到人名,人名后出现“This is thedefinition of integration”,由“this”可知人名前就是我们要找的答案,即the process throws you together randomly,“throwyou together randomly”与“randomly assign”对应。意思与选项D符合。因此,此处选择D。

61. What does Grace Kao say aboutinterracial lodging?

答案:A. It is unscientific to makegeneralizations about it without further study.

关键词:Grace Kao, generalizations

定位:题干中出现的人名Grace Kao以及generalizations提示答案定位在文章最后一段。根据最后一段意思:要得出Interraciallodging的一般规律,需要对学生的背景特征有更多的研究,与选项D的意思相同。而选项ABC在文中没有明确提及。

Passage Two

本篇文章主要是围绕一份来自Global HumanitarianForum的报告展开的,在解题之前,通过对5个题干的浏览,以及在原文中的定位,可以发现,这篇文章是严格按照顺序原则来出题的。每一个题干中都有大写的字母,这些首字母大写的单词既是关键词,也是定位词,可以有效地帮助我们到原文中准确定位,节省答题时间。

62. What is the finding of the GlobalHumanitarian Forum?

答案:B. Rates of death fromillnesses have risen due to global warming.

关键词:Global Humanitarian Forum


解析:一般而言,四级的阅读题目大致遵循顺序原则,此篇文章正好是遵循此规律的。在文章的第一段,第一行,我们看到“… 300,000 deaths and about $ 125 billion …”,根据这里,我们可以把答案锁定在选项A(economic)和选项B(Rates of death),然后我们接着往下看,可以发现,第二段就没有再提到金钱方面了,而都是在讲死亡和疾病的话题,如第二段的第三行“… death rates from illnesses … ”。所以,最后正确的选项是B。

63. What do we learn about the Forum'sreport from the passage?

答案:A. It was challenged by someclimate and risk experts.

关键词:learn 、Forum's report


解析:根据顺序原则,我们在接下来的第三段里就找到了63题的答案。第三段的第一行就讲到“the report drew criticism from some experts on climate and risk”,这和A选项是完全相一致的,challenged是criticism的同义替换。B选项中的“interest”表示“兴趣”,主要用于好的事物,这里讲的都是对the Forum's repor的批评,显然就不合适了。C选项表达的意思跟原文正好相反,这个是肯定要排除的。然后,有的同学可能会选到D选项,可能是受到文中第四段“… primarily in poor countries,were being seriously effected …”这句话的影响。但是D选项中“a big stir”“一阵巨大的骚乱”文中是完全没有提到的。

64. What does Dr. Pielke say about theForum's report?

答案:B. It is invalid in terms ofmethodology.

关键词:Dr. Pielke、say


解析:在第五段,我们可以很快找到Pielke,然后找到他说的话,第二行“the Forum's report was ‘a methodological embarrassment'”,然后在第六行“but the report, he said‘will harm the … it is so deeply flawed'”。根据这两句话,选项中invalid 是flawed的同义替换, 我们可以很容易地选到B。

65. What is Soren Andreasen's view of thereport?

答案:D. Its rough estimates aremeant to draw the attention of world leaders.

关键词:Soren Andreasen


解析:在第六段的第二行和第三行,可以看到“the numberwere rough estimates. He said the report was aimed at world leaders … ”,根据这两句话,我们就能较轻松地将正确答案锁定在D选项。

66. What does Kofi Annan say should be thefocus of the Copenhagen conference?

答案:D. How rich countries canbetter help poor regions reduce climate hazards.

关键词:Kofi Annan、focus of the Copenhagen conference


解析:最后一段是Kofi Annan说的一段话。我们在最后一段的第二行,focus on后面“… from rich to poor regions tohelp reduce … ”后面的内容就无需再花时间去看了,因为他focus(关注)的地方,在此就已经陈述清楚了,正确答案就是D。

PartV Cloze


67. to

68. specific

69. key

70. different

71. prevent

72. in

73. focus

74. over

75. rather

76. consumed

77. vital

78. amazed

79. contain

80. interact

81. on

82. up

83. fill

84. avoid

85. doubt

86. impact




67. 第二段首句有个定语从句:科学饮食远不止分析每一口放到嘴里的饭。这里要选择一个介词,lift 的原意是高举,在这里的意思就是“放到嘴边”,to 表示方向。 between 表示在某某之间,不合题意。inside 表示静态,与lift这个动作相矛盾。同理,B选项through,表示穿过,lift这个动作,到嘴边就结束了,并没有穿过嘴巴。

68. 按照原文的逻辑,接下来的一句话,表达过去人们如何如何,是为了给出“靶子”加以批评,所以,我们需要继续往后读,读到作者提倡的做法,然后反向理解一下,便可选出答案。

69. 根据语法搭配,只有key才可以和后面的to相搭配,所以选择A选项。

70. 句首的but,是题眼,表达对比之意,所以,下文开始讲述“另一种”“不同的”饮食习惯。因此,选择B选项,different。

71. 这里是个不定式短语,需要一个动词,由宾语heart disease可知,“prevent”(预防)是最佳搭配。

72. 考察和general搭配的介词,只有in 符合语法。

73. 需要一个动词和on搭配,语法上四个选项都可以搭配,只能从词义上判断,turn on 表示打开,focus on 表示注重,put on 表示穿衣,carry on 表示执行。根据宾语,“更广的层面”,可知应该选择focus on。

74. 需要一个和“时间段”搭配的介词,over a period of time 表示一段时间以来,符合题意。

75. 这里表示“是什么而不是什么”,应该用rather than 才能准确达意。

76. 这是个分词短语作后置定语修饰前面的“this or that”,这里的this or that代指食物。convey是表达,不搭配。enter 可以表示“输入,记下”,也不和食物搭配。和食物搭配的只有B和D,consume表示,消费或消耗。exhaust 表示耗尽。很明显,这里的食物并不会耗尽,所以只能选B选项。

这里我们可以回过头来,看一下第68题,文章的主旨是,“Scientist now focus on the broader picture of the balance of foodeaten over several days or a week”即“科学家现在注重最近几天内的均衡饮食”,与此能够形成对比的,“单个营养元素的定量摄入”,这里能表达特定量的词只有“certain”或者“specific”,这里用certain更自然,但是没有提供选项,因此就只能选择specific,表示“特定的”。

77. 需要个形容词,做后置定语,和for good health 搭配,这里只有vital 能和for搭配,表示“对…重要”。

78. 这里是一个The more…the more 的固定表达,表示“越……越……”,这里用amazed表达科研人员,对新发现所产生的“惊奇之感”。

79. 这里的they表示食物,结合后面的动词,构成定语从句,修饰“必备营养元素”,这里的用contain才能准确达意,“食物包含必备营养元素”

80. 需要一个动词和with搭配,只能选择A和B,但从语义上判断,必备营养元素之间会相互反应,肯定不会相互干扰。因此只能选择interact。

81. 这里需要一个介词和track搭配,只有 on the right track才符合语法

82. 这里根据题意,“蔬菜、水果和谷物构成了饭菜的四分之三”,这里make up表达“构成”之意。

83. 这里需要一个动词,宾语是“剩余的四分之一”,从语义上理解,我们需要选择“填充”,因此,fill in 是符合语法的。

84. 这里需要一个动词,结合题意,这个空应该表达“不吃”,才能和前面的eat形成对比,这里的avoid,表达避免的意思,比delete(删除)更切题。

85. 文章在最后一句,要下一个结论,这里用without a doubt 表达“毫无疑问”,符合题目要求。

86. 这里需要一个名词,和on搭配,只有impact符合题意。



PartVI Translation

87. The university authorities did notapprove the regulation, nor did they make any explanation / nor did they givethe reason for doing so (也没有解释为什么).

解析:本题考察了两个知识点。① nor的倒装句用法,后半句表示“也不”的否定意义,注意助动词的时态与上半句保持一致;② 对某事做出解释的表达,考察了汉译英中动词转名词的技巧,explain →explanation,或者nor did they give the reason for doing so同样可以。

88. Jane is tired of dealing with customercomplaints and wishes that she could be assigned (to) another job(能被分配做另一项工作)

解析:本题考察了wish从句的虚拟语气用法(can→could)和“分配某人做某事”的词组搭配,assign sb. to sth. 或者assign sb. sth.

89. John rescued the drowning child at therisk of his own life (冒着自己生命危险).

解析:本题考察了“冒着…的危险/风险做某事”的词组搭配,可以用at the risk / expense of one's own life(冒着某人的生命危险做某事)

90. George called his boss from theairport but it ① was his assistant who answered / picked up the phone;② turned out that his assistant answered / picked up the phone(接电话的却是他的助手)

解析:该句比较灵活,在句法上,既可以使用强调句结构,也可以采用turnout的惯用搭配;在“接电话”的表达上,可以用pick up / answer the phone。强调句结构为it be sb.who do sth. ,而turn out变化则较多,可以用turnout to be sb. who do sth.或者turn out + that + 从句。

91. Although he was interested inphilosophy, his father persuaded him into / talked him into(他的父亲说服他)majoring in law.

解析:本题考察“说服某人做某事”的表达,persuade / talk sb. into doing sth.


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